Friday, February 27, 2009

What Are YOU Giving Up For Lent?

Even though I am not a devout church goer, I do believe giving something up for Lent is good for the soul. Plus it can be a good stepping stone for a goal to better your life. Afterall, it is only 40 days.

So the question that I had for myself was, what can I give up for 40 days that will benefit me for the better. I thought about soda but than thought that it may make me a little crabby, which won't benefit anyone. Than my mom suggested that I give up going to Target and I nixed that plan because if they have a sale on Pepsi, I am not giving up the best price on something becaue I have banned myself from going to a certain store.

Than it came to me...I am going to give up unnecessary spending! It is perfect for this economy and the situation that I currently find myself in. If I don't need it I am not going to purchase it. So no going out to lunch while at work, etc.

I am looking forward to doing this and having a little more money in my pocket over the next 40 days, even if it is just a mere $50 or so. This may lead to me tracking all of my purchases as well. Maybe I will even track them on my blog with a monthly break down or something of that sorts.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do You Have The Winter Blues?

Do you live in a place where winter can have it's grip on your area for a few months. We all know what it is like, gray days, snow, freezing rain, not a lot of sunshine and just that overall blah feeling that you get.

I was driving into work and head a segement on "winter blues" after the symptoms were read off, I thought, yep that is me. I am a totally different person in the summer than say late February.

Here are the symptoms:

Desire to sleep more (check)
Withdrawing from social activities (kind of check)
Feeling anxious (check)
Being unusually irritable
Feeling a lack of energy (check)
Craving of sweets (check)
Loss of desire for physical activity (check)
Weight gain

It sounds like a form of depression doesn't it. If you said yes, you are right. It is depression from the lack of daylight hours. Some ways the "experts" say you can beat the winter blues is the following:

Sunlight does provide the body with essential vitamins that are mood enhancing. One way to combat this effect is to use moderation and get some sun therapy at a tanning bed. The artificial sunlight will help enhance your mood by increasing the body's capability of utilizing and producing vitamin D.

Cold weather keeps people indoors for the most part. Being in doors can create a sense of suffocation and increased amounts of boredom. One way to overcome this is to take a walk outside. Bundle up in a coat, gloves and hat. Even if you just walk a few blocks outside it will help get the circulation going and give you a chance to see the beautiful winter landscape.

During the winter most people develop a sense of lethargy- being tired all of the time. They tend to sleep during the day and then wake up feeling even more tired than before. One way to overcome this feeling of lethargy is simply to fight it by doing some aerobic exercise. Buy a gym membership in the winter.

Many people suffer from an increased sense of loneliness because they are trapped for long periods of time indoors. Being alone can play harsh mental games on a person. It can become so severe that a person might begin to feel that they are all alone. The best way to overcome the feeling of being alone is to get out and join a class or league, whether it is an indoor sports league or a dance class.

So if you are tired of having the winter blues, than do something about it. And Spring is less than a month away!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Japan LOVES Obama

I just had to make this a post because I just looked at it and smiled.

It is Obama sushi. Yes, sushi made to look like Obama:

The chef use the following to make the President:

Skin ~ Amis (small shrimp)
Hair ~ black sesame
Teeth ~ fish paste

Can you say yum!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Photos on Etsy

I truly believe that everyone should be able to afford art. I am an art lover and my house has many medias throughout it.

Because of that statement, I have revamped my Esty Store a bit to make it more affordable. One can now just purchase a print (starting at $2.25) and than choose if they want to have it matted or not. My prints range in prices from $2.25 to $10.00 with matting options ranging from $3.00 to $7.00.

Here are some new 4x6 prints ($2.25) that I have added to the mix.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ledger Not Acknowledged in Memory Song at the Oscars

When Queen Latifah performed at the Oscars last nite, it was outstanding. The way she put it before singing, that these are friends of the people sitting in the room, not just actors that the general public knows them as. I do really think that did need to be said. To you and I they are just that, actors. To actors and other movie moguls, they are friends.

I was a little disappointed that Heath Ledger was not shown in the slideshow that was put together. I was for sure that they would probably end it with his work instead of Paul Newman's, afterall, he did win an Oscar that evening for his work in The Dark Knight.

I will admit, I loved Ledger's work. I first really noticed him in the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You and have been following his career ever since. The man was quite and strong, how can people not love those quailities in a man??

So while the Oscars did a grand job with the evening, I just though they could have done a little better. Remember the one that passed that not only were they were honoring that nite with an Oscar but also with a piece in the slideshow as well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shock Waves

Don't you love it when someone surprises the hell out of you? It doesn't have to be a good surprise either, but that that spilt second of when you are totally shocked and surprised. That is such an amazing feeling.

That happened to me a couple days ago. A friend of mine did an unexpected thing, he actually took a little bit of control of his life and there by cutting me a little out of it.

By no means did he sever our relationship, he is just trying to build a stronger one with someone else. Which I give him my best in focusing on that and trying to make the best out of what is now a bad situation.

But wow, the feeling of shock and surprise is an amazing one. I can't remember how long it had been since I had that kind of feeling. It is like disbelief mixed with joy. How the heck can you have those two feelings all at once and in a situation like this one?

I wish him all the best and I know he will come full circle and our friendship that has lasted through a relationship, wars and living aboard always come back. It always has.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He Needed So Much Help

Wildfires are ripping their way through Australia and nothing is able to stop them. We have all seen this before in California. One hundred eighty one people have been killed so far, entire towns gone and this is a once in a century heat wave, that is how hot it is over there.

How bad is it, you tell me when you look at this:

A WILD koala with singed paws was looking for help and help he did find. How desperate and does a wild animal have to be not only to seek out human help, but to take a drink of water straight from the bottle.

It is images like this one that truly make you know how bad it is.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is Your Breaking Point

I am asking this question to you because I am about to reach mine in a situation.

My breaking point involves someone doing the same actions over and over after they have said things would change and they would truly make an effort in order to change them. It tears my heart out when they set themselves up for failure by not taking simple steps (we are talking very simple like keeping a check register) only to repeat their actions and it doesn't even phase them.

I am about ready to call it quits on this because I feel there is nothing left that I can do after enabling and trying to help for the past several years. How the hell did I get myself into such a situation?!?!?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Confusion Sets In

I am not sure how to even handle this one. Should I be the bigger person and good Christian (yes, I do actually have some morals) and suck it up and just deal with it or should I just keep walking from the situation because it is a bad one?

It can be a touchy situation. My husband and I are invited to attend a gathering. I want my husband to go and he will be going, but the question is, should I go?

The reason for the big question mark is because I don't even speak to these people. Actually, people have gone out of their way not to speak with me in the past, so since than, I have just chosen not to attend these events and gatherings. Because honestly, why would you spend a majority of your day someplace you are not even welcome.

Some people may say, bury the hatchet and just suck it up. The thing is, the hatchet is never really buried. People will say things behind one another's back but never confront the person and than when everyone is all in the same location at the same time either they will just totally ignore one another or act like nothing was ever said and put on such a fake happiness about it.

I am just tired of the whole scene. It really can be exhausting to be a part of it. But now I am wondering should I just continue to walk away from the situation because all the relationships in the circle are just unhealthy or should I be the bigger person and put up with it? There is no way that I can even try to mend the situation because too many people have been hurt, etc.

What would you do??

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Google Can Be a Bad Thing...

Don't get me wrong, I normally LOVE google. Seriously, what can you not find with that search engine. I have googled friends, boyfriends, my husband, myself, etc., it is just that fun.

But when your mom tells you that her general doctor calls to tell her they would like to see her because her chest x-ray has some thickening in it, google can turn into your mortal enemy.

Of course once she told me what her doctor's office had (which, btw, she doesn't have an appointment until Friday to see her specialist for him to order a CT scan) to say, my first stop was google.

Do you know how much information that google gave me when I typed in "chest wall thickening on x-ray"? It is very overwhelming and if you don't believe me, just click here.

What scares me is that my mom is older, 72, and I am just afraid that she may not have much time left. She just found out she las low thyroid production and that is when they ordered the chest x-ray.

So hopefully, it will be something treatable. And if you can, just say a little prayer for my mom to be healthy! I am going to be so nervous until we find out what it is.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Got Back...

Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt.
It is so big.She looks like,one of those
rap guys' girlfriends.

I have to admit something...I am a white girl with a black girl's booty! :) No I am not lying at all. Do you want proof?

Don't get me wrong, I really like my butt. I have lived through a childhood where my brothers would pick on my and call me bubble butt, etc., but over the years, I have come to appreciate it more. That and my 5'10" frame made it less of a bubble I do believe.

I am writing this because I know someone who had some plastic surgery done recently and they made her boobs match her butt. No really, they will tell you what size boobs you need to even out your butt! I am wondering what size they would give me..a D or something? I just kind of chuckled when I found out that is how they compare things. Seeing as I am a full B cup with black girl booty, they would probably laugh at me as I walk through the door.

I guess it always explains why the men that dated me were leg and ass guys! So to the men, what is it about being a leg, boob or ass guy? Can you try to explain that one to me??

Friday, February 6, 2009

One Step Forward

only to be left to take two steps backwards. Have you ever felt like that?

I had a situation arise where I was making a lot of progress and truly feeling good about everything. I wouldn't say things were going exactly the way I would want them to, but they were going good enough for me to keep pushing through and chugging along.

Than it happened. I had to take that two steps back. And what does those steps back always mean? That I am going to have to sit and evaluate if I should keep going along on the same course that I am now on.

Sure, everyone has those steps back. But it does make me think. So today, I have but some new things out there and will let the chips fall where they may. I think I am going to have to go a different approach on everything.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pull Over, Pull Over...

It is the morning drive and I am cruising along just like all the others, maybe a little faster because after all I am in the fast lane. And that is when I see it…a white car parked on a little turnabout in between the four lanes of traffic. I put my foot on the brakes and slowly bring myself down to 60 mph, I was doing around 75mph.

I pass the car and look in my rearview and the car is pulling out behind me. At that moment, even before the lights came on, I knew I was getting pulled over. Just a few seconds later, the red, white and blue lights light up. Sigh…blinker on and changing lanes in order to get to the side of the highway.

I look at the officer through my rearview as he is approaching my car. My heart sinks a little when I recognize the uniform. He is a state boy. He asks for my license and insurance and wants me to explain why I was going so fast. The only excuse I can give him is that I was running late for work. I also had to explain why the plates would not match up to the car that I am currently driving, fun times right there! All of this while ending each sentence with a sir. Respect is one thing that I was raised to give an officer, even if they do pull you over.

He goes back to his car and runs all of my information. I know in my heart that I am going to be getting a ticket because I was going faster than what he would write a warning for.

He emerges about five minutes later with ticket in hand and explains everything to me. I am doing the entire yes sir and no sir thing again and thanking him, telling him to have a nice day, etc. He was kind and wrote it for 74mph in a 55mph zone, so he saved me some money on that. I truly believe that is what the respect can get you, just a tiny break when you need it because he could have easily written it for over 75mph.

I get to work and get out my checkbook so I can send off the payment today so I can get my license back sooner (in Illinois they take your license as bond when you get a ticket). And of course, I can’t mail in the ticket until 10 days after the date it was written.

Yeah it sucks to have this happen. I could have thought of many ways to spend $75 other than paying the State of Illinois. But thankfully, I do not have to obtain a lawyer to get on court supervision (there is a box you can check for that and it doesn’t cost anything extra). So I guess it just taught me to set my cruise control at 60mph and slow it down a bit. Sigh…I would have much rather have spent it the money on these though.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

St. Louis Area Cat Needs Home

A friend of mine has moved and he can't take his wonderful cat with him. She is such a beautiful cat and I hope she can find a good home.

Here is a little information about her:

Calley is approximately 5-6 years old....she has brownish/black long hair with streaks of caramel, white, and dark brown....her vet called her "princess" because of her exotic coloring....she has been neutered and had her front paws declawed.....she received all the necessary shots and testing when she got neutered and declawed...her last documented medical papers are available....she was raised with her brother since they were kittens but he recently passed away and she has been on her own since november 2008....she loves to be petted and shows her appreciation by licking and nudging your hands and arms, wanting more....she likes to fetch and chase small toys and climb and jump on structures....she can be shy around new people and other pets until a comfort level developes after being around them and getting used to the smells and sounds of them.....she loves to be brushed and is not a picky eater....just hairball control meow mix and water is all she's ever needed, but she will eat most any normal brand dry cat food....

Please email Kevin for more information or to make arrangements to bring this sweet kitty into your home. or

You Can't Please Everyone...

That is one thing that being married has taught me. That was the first time I ever tried to please people was when I entered into the relationship with my husband, and no it wasn't my husband I was trying to please.

There was a straw recently that broke the camel's back though. Maybe not for my husband but for me. A pet had to be put down and I sent a pet sympathy card to the owner of the animal. Why did I do this, because I understand how hard the loss of pet can be. I just had recently lost my beloved dog back in October and still am not over that. So knowing that people do care can help a situation like this. I was fortunate enough to get cards from a few people and a donation in our dog's name to an animal hospital and it really helped to know that people realized what our animal had truly meant to us.

Well, it sure wasn't good enough, that is for sure. Why do you ask, I have no idea. But my husband got an ear full about that I sent a card to that person over the cat passing but I didn't over the dog passing over a year ago. Well, from what I understood was the dog was my husband's childhood pet, so why would I send a card to someone else?

I think another thing that gets me to is being referred to as "your wife" when one speaks to my husband about me. I kind of find it all funny and feel a bit sad for the people that do that, but honestly I think it is truly their problems that they have to work through before they can be pleased with other people and efforts that are made by them.

Afterall, don't you have to be happy with yourself before you are happy with someone else?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eliminating Debt

Alright who has it. Or should the question be, who doesn't have it?

I am going to put myself out there and start a month to month tracking of my debt until all of our credit cards are gone. By the word our I am referring to my husband and I.

So this is what we have as of today:

MC (2.9% until 2-10): $5,087.13
Visa (2.9% for life of transfer): $5,054.71
Major Dept. Store (0% until 4-09): $328.14
Major Dept. Store (0% until 3-09): $786.21
Major Dept. Store: $55.19

As you can see, we have some decent interest rates at the moment so hopefully that will help!!!

This will be a once a month update that will have a label to track how I am doing. Of course this does not include the car and mortgage. And just a tidbit, I always pay at least $10 more on on mortgage principal than is require just so I can feel a little good about myself.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Phelps You Are Still A STUD

even if you did take a hit off a bong!

I am waiting for this to really explode in the media...Phelps smoked pot. OMG! Let the world freeze over because Phelps did exactly what every other college kid out there did...had some fun. And let's be honest, if you are a college kid not having fun, than why even bother.

Yes, Phelps is different than other college kids, he is a role model. But honestly, he could be doing a lot worse. He smoked some pot...he didn't pull a gun on anyone, rob anyone, beat up a little old lady, or even have a dog fighting ring. The guy wanted to cut loose, relax and get high.

Do you honestly want to know what marijuana is still illegal...the government can't figure out a way to tax it!! I would rather have marijuana legal than alcohol. It does less damage to your body than cigarettes. So tell me again, why this is such a HUGE deal?

This in no way should take away from the accomplishments that this man has done in the past two Olympics games. And if you really think it should, you need to look at your glass house long and hard before casting that stone.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Do You Do

When there is almost 10 inches of snow on the ground? Easy, you take your dog who loves snow out to play in it.