Friday, July 31, 2009

Vick should be banned for life...

I say this simply because firest and foremost I am a baseball fan. Michael Vick committed a horrible crime. He ran a fighting dog outfit! They even had bait dogs (smaller dogs that are put into the rings so the fighters can kill those dogs and get an ego boost).

I hear a lot of NFL players being interviewed saying his plenty has been harsh enough and that he should come back to football and no team should worry about the stigma that he may carry with him for now because he is a great player. Hmmmm, I wonder why MLB hasn't taken that stand with Pete Rose.

You know Pete Rose right, the guy who got kicked out of MLB FOR LIFE because he bet on baseball (he did bet on his team to win) even though he is the all time leader in hits, games playes, at bats and outs. Not only was he kicked out of baseball for life, MLB has also made this man of many accomplishments permanently ineligible for the Hall of Fame.

So as a baseball fan, it baffles me that Vick is not only being allowed to play in the NFL shortly after his release from prison but is being welcomed back by the members of the NFL with open arms. Are you kidding me?!?!

It just goes to show me who has higher standards when it comes to pro sports. I say sure let Vick back into the NFL, after he is used as bait for a fighting dog...several times over.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Give me an I...give me a U....give me a D

What's that spell...IUD!

First off you have to know my stance on children...I don't want any. Now qait a minute befor eyou start judging and all that other BS that comes from a woman saying that she doesn't want to have kids...ever. I don't judge the women that want to be mothers. I don't look at them and ask why they want to be a mom. They have their reasons, just like I have mine.

So I decided to get an IUD put in. YAY! This means no pills, rings, patches, etc., for 5 years! Yes, 5 whole years. Woot. Than after those 5 years I can get another one no problem. You have to love a 5 year birth control plan. Best yet, it is covered by my insurance and is put in during just an office visit, which means everything will only cost me $20 out of pocket. Holla!!

The one bad thing about an IUD (please stop reading is you are grossed out easily) is that they have to be put in while you are on your period. Yes, this grosses me out even. I mean seriously as a woman that is the one time of the month you avoid going to your OBGYN and you just want me to hop up in those stirrups and be like alright let's do this while I am on my period. Ewwwwww. But if that is what I have to do, than so be it.

But here is the Catch 22...your doctor is going out on vacation for a week when you call to schedule your appointment (don't call until you have your first day appointment). Ugh. This frustrates me a little that I have to wait another month to get my IUD but I am sure it will be worth it in the end. Holla.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fall is Quickly Becoming My Favorite Season

It truly use to be Summer. I love St. Louis Cardinals baseball, the warmth, the riding with the windows open the feeling of freedom even though I don't have Summer vacations anymore.

Now as I am approaching 30 I am starting to learn that I am probably more of a Fall kind of girl. What changed my mind? One word for you, sweat.

The past couple of years I have noticed a change with my body, once I get hot and start sweating I really can't shut if off. I sweat like a freaking pig and that is not cool in the least. I have read that is actually a medical thing. I may have overly active sweat glands.

I am going to see my dermtologist tomorrow and will have her give me her opinionand if needed I will provide proof. Oh yes, I do have Ahhhh!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So I love shopping! Anyone that knows me can tell you that. I also love finding new places to shop to get gifts, etc. So as I come along deals, cool gifts, or just plain witty items, I am going to start posting them in my blog.

So here is today's clever thing. It is very fitting for a Christmas gift for a woman that can be descibed as a bad girl with good intentions (I know nothing of that at all). I think it would make a great Christmas present for a certain someone, because I know we all know this woman! Laugh.

This item is on sale at Femail Creations for just $24!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Must Get Back Into the Gym

Alright I have slacked all this week about the gym and this weekend is going to be a turning point for me. I didn't go to the gym once this week. Shame on me. So on Saturday and Sunday I do plan on going. My goal is always to get into the gym 3 days a week for 30 minutes of good cardio. If I do Saturday and Sunday that will be two days so I won't feel like that big of a slacker. Ugh!

I am thinking of changing my diet as well. I eat horribly. Seriously, a lot of junk food, etc. I remember when I drank 1 soda a day at lunch, now I am up to about 4 a day. Blah. So I will start working on that as well.

Let's see how much weight I can drop off of me with changing up my diet a bit. Any suggestions and thoughts would greatly be apprecited.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I want to know why...

Someone would refuse to shake our President's hand.

Maybe I am hoping for the best here with this man and out country but at least have some damn respect. I feel bad just watching this.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Weekend of Movies Does.

I made up my mind to stay and watch movies this weekend since I bought Farm Aid tickets this past Friday and well that blew some cash right there.

What happens when I stay in to watch movies, I think too much. No I really do. Last nite at 11:30pm I put in Into the Wild. It is an amazing movie if you have no seen it and while it leaves so many questions on how things should have been done differently in a man's life so he could live, it really nailed a few points. It is a true story by the way.

One thing I took from this movie is that I truly haven't lived through enough to find my true happiness. I have been happy in my life that is for sure. I have met some amazing people in my life and seen some truly beautiful places and have been blessed. That I can't deny for a second. But to say that I have found my true happiness, that took some thinking. I have come to find that I have not.

Why have I not yet found it? Have I not lived enough or don't have the years under me that I can know what it is to be truly happy? Have I been too blessed or given too much in life?

Will I ever venture into the situation where I will stumble across my true happiness? Am I daring enough to take those kind of chances in my life? I am not sure. I say that because there are quite a few different things that I would do differntly in my life if I could go back and do again. That is another story all together though. Maybe one that will be told shortly.

Have you found your true happiness in life. The one thing you can go back to over and over and over again and each time you go an revisit it, you fall in love with it all over again. Amazing thought isn't it? Oh to find it in my life becuase without it, well that would be a sad life, one that is not complete.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Tattoo

Being that I have several tattoos, looking at this just makes me smile. It took a lot of time and some creative thinking for this to happen. And what a great coversation starter!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Design Bug

I want to re-design my living room. Why, I have no freaking clue. Plus I know it is probably not going to happen soon. That is probably the reason I would like to design it right now.

don't get me wrong, right now it is fine. But we do need a new sofa and with a new sofa comes with picking ou the exact thing to match your decor. Which to me means, re-design. Holla.

For those that know me know that I love the ocean and water. I would live in Maui or Santa Cruz if given the chance. My soul and heart belong on the West Coast and I know this.

So here is the rug that will be the inspiration to my living room:

It just soothes me for some reason. I am not a dark colour person at all when it comes to rooms. I normally go for things open and airy but this is totally workable and it reminds of the ocean. I look at it and can almost smell the salt water air and think of the inky blues when you are a mile out at sea in a SCUBA boat. Sigh. To be a mermaid!

Now who has the $500 to give to me so I can buy that rug?!?!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ladies (And Gents) That LOVE a Good Sale

Right now Beauty Brands has THE best sale of the year going on, the liter sale. If you have never been before 99% of the shampoo and conditioner is on sale for $11.98. Yes, less than $12. If you think about it, that is an AMAZING deal.

I use AG Recoil for my shampoo and conditioner. One liter is normally $47.99...insane right?! Well it isn't for $11.98. Holla. This is the time of the year I buy 3 liters of each to last me (fingers crossed) until next year's liter sale.

This year I got $300 worth of product for $72. Holla!!! Got to LOVE a great bargin.

And just for shits and grins you have to love Justin Timberlake:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

MJ...I Will Miss Your Music

Has the media frenzy that has surrounded Michael Jackson and his untimely death gone on long enough. My answer to that is yes as I sat down just minutes ago, flipped on my tv and there was more MJ shows on. But in all honesty, I get it. No, truly I do.

MJ died at the tender age of 50. So young. But take a step back and think about this, the man had been in the music industry for 40 years. Now that in itself is insane. Imagine you, being thrown into the music industry at the age of 10 and never taking a step back from it, wow.

I have heard a lot of different opinions on MJ's death. You know what they say about opinions, they are like assholes. Everyone has one and most of them stink. Let's face some of the facts about MJ shall we.

1. He made amazing music at the age of 10.
2. He changed the way the music was and still is made.
3. His Thriller album sold th most copies of any album...EVER.
4. His Thriller video changed the way videos were made.
5. He was an amazing entertainer, maybe even one of the best.
6. The man had moves that no one today can even match.
7. And finally, he was a tortured soul.

I have heard a lot of people say that good another child molester is gone. I wonder if the people saying that ever took a step back and though, maybe, just maybe, he didn't touch a child. Sure, cases were brought against him BUT they were also settled out of court. In today's world it makes me wonder if the parents of those children were after a payout, knowing most likely that the case would never see the inside of a court room.

I refuse to judge someone that I didn't know like that. I sure don't live in a glass house, therefore I will not cast a stone. All I can assume is that he was probably a lonely man that never really had a childhood and that really messed him up and it was something he probably never recovered from. He was a real life Peter Pan.

I hope he has found peace now as the world celebrates his life exactly how he wanted it, with his music. His music will stand the test of time because after all, he was, still is and will always be The King of Pop.